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Chinese Spies - AMRAAM Production - B-2 Lands in Norway and more...

SATURDAY| 9 Sep 23

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“If your attack is going too well, you’re probably walking into an ambush.” - Infantry Journal

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Paresh Amin standing with other special force operators on a deployment to the middle east

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Radar Scope:

✈️ G20 Summit: Xi's RSVP is a Definite Maybe The G20 summit is slated for this weekend, but there's one notable absence: China's President Xi Jinping. India is hosting the G20 this year. Turns out China and India have had a slightly tenuous relationship recently. Recent military meetings between the two nations aimed to maintain peace along their disputed border, but with Xi's no-show, the geopolitical chess game continues.

No one asked me, but here's my opinion: Maybe now is not a good time to throw mud at the wall to see what sticks to fix their (and much of the world's) economic slowdown. Maybe Xi is making a statement to align more with Russia. Snub towards India? Maybe Xi only trusts Xi to make decisions as much of his "inner circle" has been removed over the years. Remember the time Xi had former President Jintao removed the Communist Party Congress? Wonder what Jintao is up to these days? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Regardless, the world's second-largest economy leader is skipping the party…and so is Putin.

✈️ Raytheon's AMRAAM Production: Those are Rookie Numbers…you gotta pump those up." Raytheon, the defense giant, is putting the pedal to the metal with its AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) production. The demand is sky-high, and the skies over Ukraine and other regions are about to see more of these missiles. Historically producing between 500-800 rounds a year, Raytheon's current orders have skyrocketed to nearly 1,200, reaching the company's production limit. And with the U.S. and other Western powers eager to send more missiles to Ukraine and replenish their arsenals, this production pace is expected to stay "for the foreseeable future."

No one asked me, but here's my opinion: With the war slugging away in Ukraine and F-16s on the way, it is no surprise that the demand for AIM-120s is rising. Let us remember a potential conflict in the Pacific that everyone keeps talking about. You're going to need a few more AMRAAMs for that.

✈️ Chinese "Tourists"Chinese nationals occasionally got "lost" on "sight-seeing" escapades and inadvertently have reportedly gained access to U.S. military bases and other sensitive locations up to 100 times in recent years. U.S. officials are sounding the alarm, viewing these incidents as potential espionage threats. These "visits" seem designed to test security measures at American military and other sensitive sites.

No one asked me, but here's my opinion: It's like that neighbor who "accidentally" keeps ending up in your backyard, but it turns out your neighbor has a billion friends. These incursions don't come as a shocker to the intelligence community. Still, the sheer volume and rudimentary nature demonstrate the CCP's ability to throw numbers at a problem and accept losses, e.g., people who get caught. When they are caught, they are most likely hit with a minor charge or turned around…but if they can get one past the intelligence payout could be huge. And this is the low-level stuff.

✈️ Minuteman III's Midnight Stroll: Stay Calm, It's Just a Test, Folks The U.S. Air Force, in the wee hours, decided to take its Minuteman III for a spin, launching an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This missile traveled 4,200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The Air Force Global Strike Command announced this was all part of showcasing the U.S.' nuclear capability and ready to "deter twenty-first-century threats and reassure our allies."

No one asked me, but here's my opinion: When most of us hit the snooze button, the Air Force is out launching missiles to prove a point. It's comforting to know that these tests are routine and not a reaction to current global events. Sleep tight!

✈️B-2 Bomber in Norway: It's like a Formula 1 Pit Stop but different. A B-2 bomber made history by conducting its first-ever hot pit refueling at Orland Air Base, Norway. This event not only marked the B-2's inaugural landing in Norway but also underscored the deepening ties between the U.S. and Norway in their joint mission to bolster NATO's defenses. With three B-2 Spirit bombers currently forward-deployed to Keflavik Air Base, Iceland, this refueling tactic amplifies the U.S.'s ability to project airpower across Europe, ensuring the skies remain free and open.

No one asked me, but here's my opinion: Look, I'm happy for the B-2 community, I really am. Now, they can experience the true joy of hot pits. You guys weren't happy enough with 32-hour-long missions? What is hot pit refueling, you ask? Hot pit refueling is filled with joy. After spending a few hours in the jet flying a mission, you are typically rewarded by sitting in the jet for a few additional hours on the ground, getting gas and waiting for your next airspace time. "Hot-pitting" allows aircraft to stay running after landing to receive fuel and takeoff again. Not shutting down reduces the chances of breaking after starting again and saves maintenance a lot of time. Thus, more time flying and more time sitting in the jet on the ground….bring snacks and water. Ultimately, this is not a groundbreaking capability but a rather sizeable geopolitical power and alliance statement.

Meme with kid mocking a person representing china which is biggger than the kid. but standing behind the person representing china is a larger person holding a big club with a sign saying "tht unaccounted for DoD money

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No one asked me, but here's my opinion: 

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