Sailors Arrested for Spying

Quick Look at Key Happenings + Podcast Notes

“You have the watches, we have the time

-Afghan Proverb

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Radar Scope:

F-35 Cockpit Display

  • Two U.S. Navy Sailors have been arrested and charged with providing information to China. Information varied from Naval operations, technical data, and exercises. Full article here → AP News

Two Sailors Arrested. Accused of Spying

  • The U.S. military is sending a mix of F-35’s, F-16’s, and destroyers to Straight of Hormuz to augment forces currently in the region. The deployment is in response to several recent attempts to seize merchant vessels. Full Article → USNI News

  • Taiwan has detained Army Lt Col Hsieh and several other individuals who are suspected of providing information to China. The Taiwanese government suspects Hsieh of recruiting former and current military members to build a network to provide military and state secrets to China. Full article here → AP News

Afterburn Ops Notes:

“Rain” over Atlanta Motor Speedway 2017

  1. Episode 74 with Courtney “Voodoo” Vidt landed on Monday (7/31) wherever you grab your podcasts. Episode 75 with Alex “AP” Pelbath lands Monday (8/7). We dive into what their experiences were during the month of August 2021 and the roles they played in the final days of our presence in Afghanistan.

  2. Both “Feed’s” and “Voodoo’s” “There I was…” stories failed to publish to Apple podcasts. I fixed the glitch (me). Those are both live on Apple podcasts as well as Spotify and Patreon.

  3. “Voodoo” & “AP” plan on joining me for a live discussion / Q & A at the end of August. Tentative date is 31 Aug. Standby for more words.

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